Welcome to the R. R. Moton National Alumni Association’s (Association) Website. This Website is designed to keep the members and friends of R. R. Moton High School informed regarding activities and initiatives related to the Association.   There are two main goals that have been established for the Association: 1). to support the efforts of the Moton Community Center and 2). to Keep the Legacy of R. R. Moton High School alive.

Update Your Contact Information

We need your help in updating the membership database. Please update your membership and contact information, AND please pay your membership dues by December 31, 2022. Help us to plan for the reunion and pay your dues. “It’s all About the Legacy, 2023″.


Hall of Fame Nominations

Nominations for the Moton Hall of Fame are due by May 31, 2023. Raymond Marbury has served as Chair of the R. R. Moton High School Hall of Fame (HOF) since its inception. The purpose of the HOF is to recognize former graduates and non-graduates of Moton High School for their outstanding achievements and extraordinary contributions to the R. R. Moton High School or the Jefferson County School District, other school districts or the community.

Raymond Marbury, Chair; Dorothy Buchanan 2019 Recipient; Alma Watson, President 2018-2019 and Rev. Arthur Struggs, Chaplain

To view all of the previous recipients of the R. R. Moton High Hall of Fame Award, CLICK HERE.

View Guidelines for HOF Nominations

Nominate Your Choice for the Hall of Fame

2022 Scholarship Awards

Hayden Powers, Sabrina Rose & Arianna Abercrombie

Congratulations to the 2022 R. R. Moton High School Alumni Association’s Scholarship winners. This year’s winners are Hayden Powers and Arianna Abercrombie. Each of the recipients received awards in the amount of $2,500.00. Thank you to Sabrina Rose who represented the Association at the Leeds High School Award Ceremony.

It’s All About the Legacy

In an effort to preserve the legacy of the R. R Moton High School in Leeds, Alabama, Dr. Carl Marbury (Class of 1953) had the foresight to suggest the idea of developing a National Alumni Association. This Association seeks membership from Moton Alumni graduates and non-graduates.  It also seeks membership from Moton Alumni family members, friends, and associates.


The R. R. Moton National Alumni Association was formed in 2010. This Association stands on the broad shoulders of the former Moton High School leaders, Mr. Ronnie Rose served as the first president of the Association. Mr. Arthur Kelly (deceased) served as a long-time Chairperson of the Reunion Commitee.  We are sorry to report that our dear Mr. Kelly passed away in December 2017.  Our condolences are with the family.  Mr. Lonnie Marbury (deceased) also served as one of the founders of the Association.  Sadly, Mr. Marbury passed away in January 2018. We would also like to express our sincere condolences to all the families in the R. R. Moton High School Alumni Association and the Leeds Community who have lost loved ones.

Rev. Dr. Johnny Hicks

The current president Rev. Dr. Johnny Hicks and the Association’s Executive Board and the Alumni Members meet frequently to ensure that the goals and objectives of the Association are executed.


A Special “Thank You” to Mr. Nathan Martin for his consistent support of the R. R. Moton High School Scholarship Fund. His generosity is greatly appreciated. We would like to encourage donations to our scholarship fund. Credit cards can be used to donate online by clicking the Donation to Scholarship link.

Thank You Mr. Martin!

Mr. Nathan Martin

Mr. Nathan Martin has done it again! One of the R. R. Moton High School National Alumni Association’s (Association) most generous and consistent donors, Mr. Nathan Martin, has done it again with a substantial donation to the Association’s Scholarship Fund. Words cannot express how much the Association appreciates the dedication that Mr. Martin has shown over the years. Please join us in giving a big THANK YOU! to Mr. Nathan Martin.

If there are others who would like to make a donation to the Scholarship Fund and general maintenance of the organization, you may do so by mail, or online donations. Click Here to pay dues and/or make a donation.

Throwback Pictures

Reunion 2021

Dorothy S. McAdory. President Emeritus

On August 14, 2021, the R. R. Moton High Alumni Association delivered an outstanding Pre-Recorded Virtual Reunion. The theme was “It’s All About the Legacy: Keeping Moton Alive 2021”. The program committee for this event included Dorothy McAdory, Chair with Sharon Moore and Sabrina Grave Rose as Co-chairs. Some of the highlights from the event have been captured.

To view all of the Virtual Reunion Program, please click the button below.


We stand on the shoulders of those members who have gone before us. One of the foundational leaders, Dr. Carl Marbury continues to work tirelessly with the Association and the community.

DeVoris Ragland Pierce — 2015 Guest Speaker & Michael Hall

We have been fortunate, over the past few years, to have outstanding leaders and speakers at our reunions. We have danced the Wobble. traded war stories, accomplishments and shared similar experiences . DeVoris Ragland-Pierce was the speaker at 2015 Reunion.

A full account of previous reunions can be viewed under the Reunion Dropdown Tab. At the 2019 Reunion, Mary Pearl Russell delivered an original poem entitled “The Legacy of Robert Russa Moton High School 1948 -1970.”. That poem was adopted as the official school poem at the 2019 General Assembly. During the early days, we even marched in parades. Charlie Brown was the head drum major and our 2018-2019. President, Alma England was the head majorette on the video clip. To feature some of the members of the Association who have made major contributions in their chosen fields, a section entitled “Spotlight” has been created. Please consider adding your name and accomplishments to this section.


Virtual Pop-up Store Fundraiser

To raise money for scholarships and general maintenance of the Association, a Virtual Pop-up Store with the assistance of the ©Double Good Popcorn Franchise was launched April 9-13, 2021. This creative method of fundraising was an efficient and fast way to virtually fundraise for the Association. Iburia Hall-Haynes, Ph.D. served as coordinator of this effort.

Click Here to hear Sharon Moore sing during the Virtual Installation Ceremony.


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  1. This website is a great read, so full of information and history of our beloved R. R. Moton High School. We applaud Dr. Iburia Hall-Haynes, our Web-Administrator, contributors and participants for a job well done!

  2. The RR Moton Alumni Association is on the move for great things. We are forming committees and we need your support. Be apart of joining with us for the future continue serving of the alumni and community. Great meeting last night thanks to all in attendance.
    Rev. Dr. Hicks

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