Scholarship Donors 2020–2021

In addition to ALL supporters of the R. R. Moton High School Alumni Association, a special “Thank You” is extended to the Burke High School (BHS) Class of 1963 for working as a team to support the fundraising efforts of the Association.

The Donor Wall of Fame is listed below.

Margaret Abercrombie
Dorothy Bailey Menefee

Raymond Barkley
Eddie Bennett
Dorothy Buchanan

Thereda Cobb-Newsome
Thomasina Cook (BHS)*
Judge Cook
Earlene Colvin
Darlene Cotton
Olivia Cunningham (BHS)
Lonnie Davis
Gloria Doyle
Isabell Dubose (BHS)
Ralph & Arlene Earl
Sandra Bennett Elmore (BHS)
Gwen Fitts
Carol Fludd (BHS)
Angela Foster
Rhonda Garner
Benjamin Gibbs (BHS)
Peggyann Godfrey (BHS)

Lathus Hall, Jr.
Michael Hall
Iburia Hall-Haynes, Ph.D.
Edneka Haynes, J.D.
Edwin Haynes, J.D. (BHS)
Rev. Johnny Hicks
Jean McAdory Howell
Mary Hughes

Linda Jackson
Ruth Jackson (BHS)

Carolyn Lewis
Mildred Lofton
Dorothy McAdory
Randall & Cynthia McAdory
Robert & Dorothy McAdory
Robert D. & Michelle McAdory
Ricco & Denise McAdory
Angela McGlothan
Nathan Martin
Rev. Gregory Moore

Kathleen Moore
Sharon Moore
Jean Murphy (BHS)
Lillian Nelson (BHS)
Mary Newsome (Georgia)
Pamela Reynolds (Georgia)
Bernard Rivers (BHS)
Sabrina Rose
Reginald Russell (BHS)
Betty Shine (BHS)
Corine Smitherman
Sue Steed (BHS)
Louise Strickland
Arthur & Linda Struggs
Ashia Taylor
Sandra Taylor
Nikema Torrence (Michigan)
Alethia Turner
Irvin Turner 
Patricia Turner­­
James Vandross (BHS)
Cyrus Washington (BHS)
Linda Whisnant
Cleo White
Cornelia White
Mary Williams
Yolanda Wilson­­­­

*Burke High School, Charleston, SC — Class of 1963

You may donate to the R. R. Moton High Alumni Association . . .

1). Online by clicking the link below.

Scholarship Donors


2). By U.S. Mail . . .

Make Checks Payable to:
Moton High School Alumni Association

Mail Checks to:
Moton High School Alumni Association

P. O. Box 1356
Leeds, AL 35094

We encourage donations in any amount to the

R. R. Moton High School Alumni Scholarship Fund.

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