Fundraiser 2021

To raise funds for scholarships and general maintenance of the Association, a Popcorn Pop-up Store was created by Association members. The process included setting up stores online, inviting donors and purchasers and selling popcorn online through the Double Good Popcorn Franchise.

Participants and Pop-up store owners were: Iburia Hall-Haynes, Ph.D. Organizer; Margaret Abercrombie, Michael Hall, Dorothy McAdory, Rev. Dr. Johnny Hicks and Mary Williams, This initiative generated a great deal of enthusiasm and friendly competition. Outstanding comments have been received regarding the quality and taste of the popcorn.

The fundraising efforts took place over a four-day period, April 9-13, 2021. A partnership was formed with the Burke High School Class of 1963 Bulldogs of Charleston, SC to help with the fundraiser. Edwin Haynes, the husband of Iburia Hall-Haynes, is a member of the Burke Class of 1963. The Bulldogs assisted in raising approximately $1,000.00. The total amount raised through this four-day effort was approximately $4,000.00. A list of reported donors can be viewed by clicking this link.

Burke High School, Charleston, SC — Class of 1963

A special “Thank You” to the Burke High School, Charleston, SC, Class of 1963 Bulldogs.

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