Fundraiser 2021

To raise money for scholarships and general maintenance of the Association, a Virtual Pop-up Store with the assistance of the ©Double Good Popcorn Franchise was launched April 9-13, 2021. This creative method of fundraising was an efficient and fast way to virtually fundraise for the Association.

The process included setting up stores online, inviting donors and purchasers and selling popcorn online through the ©Double Good Popcorn Franchise.

Participants and Pop-up store owners were: Iburia Hall-Haynes, Ph.D. Organizer; Margaret Abercrombie, Michael Hall, Dorothy McAdory, Rev. Dr. Johnny Hicks and Mary Williams, This initiative generated a great deal of enthusiasm and friendly competition. Outstanding comments have been received regarding the quality and taste of the popcorn.

The fundraising efforts took place over a four-day period, April 9-13, 2021. A partnership was formed with the Burke High School Class of 1963 Bulldogs of Charleston, SC to help with the fundraiser. Edwin Haynes, the husband of Iburia Hall-Haynes, is a member of the Burke Class of 1963. The Bulldogs assisted in raising approximately $1,000.00. The total amount raised through this four-day effort was approximately $4,000.00. A list of reported donors can be viewed by clicking this link.

A special “Thank You” to the Burke High School, Charleston, SC, Class of 1963 Bulldogs.

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