Legacy History

It’s All About the Legacy. In an effort to preserve the legacy of the R. R Moton High School in Leeds, Alabama, Dr. Carl Marbury (Class of 1953) had the foresight to suggest the idea of developing a National Alumni Association. This Association seeks membership from Moton Alumni graduates and non-graduates.  It also seeks membership from Moton Alumni family members, friends, and associates.


The R. R. Moton National Alumni Association was formed in 2010. This Association stands on the broad shoulders of the former Moton High School leaders, Mr. Ronnie Rose served as the first president of the Association. Mr. Arthur Kelly (deceased) served as a long-time Chairperson of the Reunion Commitee.  We are sorry to report that our dear Mr. Kelly passed away in December 2017.  Our condolences are with the family.  Mr. Lonnie Marbury (deceased) also served as one of the founders of the Association.  Sadly, Mr. Marbury passed away in January 2018. We would also like to express our sincere condolences to all the families in the R. R. Moton High School Alumni Association and the Leeds Community who have lost loved ones.

Rev. Dr. Johnny Hicks

The current president Rev. Dr. Johnny Hicks and the Association’s Executive Board and the Alumni Members meet frequently to ensure that the goals and objectives of the Association are executed.


A Special “Thank You” to Mr. Nathan Martin for his consistent support of the R. R. Moton High School Scholarship Fund. His generosity is greatly appreciated. We would like to encourage donations to our scholarship fund. Credit cards can be used to donate online by clicking the Donation to Scholarship button.