Reflect ’20 – ’21

This summary of events of the R. R. Moton High Alumni Association during the ’20 – ’21 period is designed to share some of the projects and/or initiatives such as: A Tribute to Mary Hughes, the Virtual Officers’ Installation, Facebook Presence, Scholarship Awards, Virtual Fundraiser, Donations & Website Presence.

This report is not intended to discuss or replace additional actions or events initiated by the Alumni Association.

A Tribute for Past President Mary Hughes

A Tribute was created for the website for our Second Past President, Mary Hughes. Mary’s passing is truly a loss to the Alumni Association. She was relentless in her pursuit to create a presence and highlight the efforts of the Alumni Association. The Tribute can be viewed at:

It is important that we do not allow the memories and good work of Mary Hughes to fade away.

Virtual Officers Installation

COVID-19 presented challenges and opportunities throughout the nation in 2020. These challenges and opportunities were across the board and too numerous to name. One of the challenges for the Moton High School National Alumni Association was installing the officers for the years 2020- 2021. To remedy that challenge, a Virtual Installation Ceremony was recommended. EBH & T Associates wrote a proposal that included the script and order for the Installation Ceremony. After the invitations were accepted, the installation ceremony took place on May 13, 2020 via ZOOM. This was the Association’s first Virtual project via ZOOM.

The officers installed at that time were:

  • Dorothy Scruggs McAdory, President
  • Liinda Abercrombie Rose, Vice President
  • Michael Hall, Treasurer
  • Raymond Marbury, Assistant Treasurer
  • Carolyn O’Neal, Parliamentarian
  • Rev. Dr. Johnny Hicks, Chaplain

Facebook Presence

The TheMoton High | Facebook account has been dedicated to reunions, scholarships, donation campaigns and specific activities related to the Alumni Association. This Facebook Presence will remain that way.

This approach is consistent with the purpose of the organization. The Alumni Association strives to achieve neutrality with postings since it is virtually impossible to post specific events related to ALL members. An example of a specific post is shown on the right.

Posting anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and etc. negates the original purpose for the creation of TheMoton High | Facebook account. It may be more helpful to the organization if those events are posted to personal accounts and would work very well for an account created for community events and other personal events related to the Leeds/Moton Community.

Any account can be used to promote the organization. It doesn’t have to be merged with TheMoton High | Facebook.

Members are encouraged to post and repost any of the specific events on their personal Facebook pages to help with notices regarding scholarships, reunions and specific events related to the legacy of R. R. Moton High School.

Scholarship Awards

At the Leeds High School Scholarship Awards Ceremony on May 23, 2021, scholarship awards totaling $3,373,975.00 were given to students from various colleges, universities and organizations. The R. R. Moton High Alumni Association awarded two scholarships totaling $4,000.00. The two recipients were: Josie McGuire and Walter Oden.

Prior to the scholarship awards, the following actions were taken to ensure compliance with the 501(c)3 status of the Alumni Association:

  • An online application was created
  • Notices were sent to the principal and counselor of Leeds High School
  • Deadlines were announced along with the scholarship award process and actions that needed to be taken prior to the awards ceremony
  • Certificates were created
  • Awards letters were drafted
  • An evaluation process was implemented, and
  • Transmittal letters and scholarship award letters were created

We cannot express our appreciation enough for the support of Mr. Rayford Williams, Principal, Leeds High School and Ms. Christy Bartee, Counselor for their support of the R. R. Moton High School Alumni Association and the Leeds community.

Virtual Fundraiser 2021

To raise money for scholarships and general maintenance of the Association, a Virtual Pop-up Store with the assistance of the ©Double Good Popcorn Franchise was launched April 9-13, 2021. This creative method of fundraising was an efficient and fast way to virtually raise funds for the Association.

The process included setting up stores online, inviting donors and purchasers and selling popcorn online through the ©Double Good Popcorn Franchise.

Participants and Pop-up store owners were: Iburia Hall-Haynes, Ph.D. Organizer; Margaret Abercrombie, Michael Hall, Dorothy McAdory, Rev. Dr. Johnny Hicks and Mary Williams. This initiative generated a great deal of enthusiasm and friendly competition. Outstanding comments have been received regarding the quality and taste of the popcorn.

In addition to local supporters an appeal was made to the Burke High School Class of 1963 in Charleston, South Carolina for their support of the Alumni Association. The Burke High School Class of 1963 supported the initiative either by purchasing popcorn or making donations. Their contribution was approximately $1,000.00. All donors were listed on the Wall of Fame on the website.

Donation & Scholarship Campaign

An Online Scholarship Donation Campaign was initiated to support deserving students at Leeds High School in Leeds, Alabama.

Mr. Nathan Martin has been the largest donor to date. We are eternally grateful for his generous donations. Thank you again Mr.

Martin. Rev. Dr. Johnny Hicks has also been a large donor to the scholarship fund. Thank you, Rev. Dr. Hicks.

Since 2013 (including 2022), the Moton High Alumni Association has awarded eighteen (18) scholarships to students at Leeds High School in amounts ranging from $1,000.00 to $4,000.00.


A Spotlight Section was added to the website to shine a “Spotlight” on R. R. Alumni as they achieve milestones in their lives and careers. Our first “Spotlight” was on Reverend Dr. Johnny Hicks and the second was Rev. Dr. McAdory.

Any member can submit information for candidates to be recognized in this section.


The documents were filed for the year 2022 to assist the Association in keeping its non-profit status. Sharon Moore has agreed to file future documents related to the Association. Special “Thank You” to Sharon Moore.

Recognition of Veterans & Groundbreaking Ceremony

On November 11, 2021, a webpage was launched to allow members and associates to celebrate our veterans. This information was also posted on Facebook. An additional link was added to share the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Tri-County Veterans Services Center and Community Center at the Moton Center.

Thank you to all who support efforts of the R. R Moton High Alumni Association.