Veterans’ Appreciation

The R. R. Moton High School National Alumni Association would like to take this opportunity to honor those who served AND are serving to keep our country safe.

Please add the names and information requested for anyone that you would like to give a special “Thank You”. Feel free to add your own name and information if you are a veteran. You may make as many submissions as you like.

We are celebrating our veterans throughout the year, not just one day.

Let’s Celebrate Our Veterans!

In the “Leave a Reply/Comment” Section below, please provide Veteran’s:

  1. First & Last Name
  2. City & State (Currently Living)
  3. Tour of Duty (If Known)
  4. Congratulatory Message

A special “Thank You” to all those making submissions.

Let’s “tell” and “preserve” our stories!

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Groundbreaking Ceremony Participants

In honor of our veterans, the City of Leeds hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Tri-County Veterans Services Center and Community Center.

8 responses to “Veterans’ Appreciation”

  1. A big Thank You to all Veterans for your untiring service to our country.
    A special Thank You to my brother, Arthur L. Struggs of Irondale, AL who served in the Vietnam War, 1963-1966. Your Sister, Dorothy McAdory

  2. Thank you and congratulations to Randall R. McAdory, of Wilsonville, AL who served in the Persian Gulf War, 1988-1996. Veterans Day is a great time to celebrate our loved ones that left home to serve and protect our country. I am so proud of your achievements in the U.S. Marine Corps. Love, Your Mom, Dorothy McAdory

  3. Thank you and congratulations to Donnie Fuller, my brother who served in the Vietnam War. He currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama

  4. A big shout out to my brother-in-law, J. D. Haynes who served in the Vietnam War. He currently lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.

  5. Thank you Harry Gene (Welch) Pearson for you service in the US Marines and Terry W. Mitchell for your service in the US Army.

  6. Happy Veterans Day To All! Thank you for your service. A Special Thank You to our youngest son, Ricco S. McAdory, resident of Irondale, AL. Ricco served in the U.S. Navy, 2002-2004 on the USS Carl Vinson, one of the first ships to conduct strikes against Afghanistan in response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Ricco was among those who participated in the first response to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We are proud to say that this Navy Fireman and Electrician is the son of Robert and Dorothy McAdory.

  7. A special shout out to my dad, Lathus Willie Hall, Sr. for serving and helping to protect our nation during the World War II Era.

  8. Salute to Raifield Clark, Donnie Clark and Larry Donnell Simmons all proud veterans.
    by Raifield Clark.

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